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An Ethnographic Approach to Ritual Ranking among the Satar
This article presents the methodology used in determining the influence of caste hierarchy among the Satar of southern Nepal, both in defining themselves within the larger Satar group and between the ...
Private Sector Investment in Nepal: Policies for the Future
(b) measures affecting only foreign investment, and (c) measures affecting both (a) and (b). (Rajeev Ranjan Singh 2007-02-14)
Lexical and Syntactic Causatives in Newari
This article on the lexical and syntactic causatives in Newari is an attempt to examine how morphological processes affect the complex patterns of causative formations in the language. (Rajeev Ranjan ...
Review of Dor Bahadur Bista, Fatalism and Development
This is a review by Dilli R. Dahal of Dor Bahadur Bista, Fatalism and Development.
Review of Carol Tingey, Heartbeat of Nepal: The Pancai Baja
This is a review by Abhi Subedi of Carol Tingey, Heartbeat of Nepal: The Pancai Baja.
“Tribes” in the Ethnography of Nepal: Some Comments on a Debate
Creator’s Description: After reviewing scholarly debates regarding the usefulness of distinguishing, descriptively or analytically, the differences between “tribes” and “castes”/ “p...
Does Divinity Protect the King? Ritual and Politics in Nepal
The article discusses ritual and politics in Nepal to examine the efficacy of ritual in protecting the king. Nepali is a country with a ritual tradition that is accumulative to such an extent that it ...
Review of Lain S. Bangdel, Stolen Images of Nepal
This is a review by Prayag Raj Sharma of Lain S. Bangdel, Stolen Images of Nepal.
Mass Movement 1990 – Research Note
The article discusses the mass movement in Nepal in 1950 CE, and the democratic reforms that followed. It explores the background of world politics at the time, commenting that it was "the time of gre...
Nepāl-Bhūṭān Ārthik Sambandha: Aitihāsik Svarūp
The article discusses the economic relations between Nepal and Bhutan. The two developing countries share the same type of geo-political situation in many ways. Official foreign relations were establi...
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