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Ninth Century Buddhist Images Carved at lDan-ma-brag to Commemorate Tibeto-Chinese Negotiations
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Did Atiśa Visit Zha lu Monastery? Tracing Atiśa's Influence on Tibetan Iconography
This paper explores the history of Zhalu (zha lu) monastery in Tsang (gtsang) province of Tibet, and its possible relationship with Atiśa. Both textual evidence and clues from the monastery’s art a...
The Paintings of Gra thang: History and Iconography of an 11th Century Tibetan Temple
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Himalayas an Aesthetic Adventure, Symposium of April 4-6 2003
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Tibetan Art: Tracing the Development of Spiritual Ideals and Art in Tibet 600-2000 A.D.
Tibet in recent centuries has been isolated, yet earlier Tibet was the crossroads of Asia, linking India, China and Central Asia.These multiple influences - artistic, religious, economic, and philosop...
Historic and Iconographic Aspects of the Protective Deities Srung-ma dmar-nag
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The Caves of gNas mjal che mo
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The Great Protector Deities of the Dalai Lamas
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Early Textual Sources for the Cult of Beg-ce
This article looks at the sources of the deity Beg-ce, and contests that the term is a borrowed Mongolian term introduced to Tibet in the 16th century. Instead, Heller suggests that the term was borr...
A Thang ka Portrait of ’Bri gung rin chen dpal, ’Jig rten gsum mgon (1143-1217)
With this thang ka one can categorically identify ’Jig rten mgon po, also known as ’Bri gung rin chen dpal or ’Jig rten gsum mgon (1143-1217), as the principal subject of a thang ka due to the f...
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