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The Missing Page in the Sras mkhar dgu thog gnas yig of the 1985 Dharamsala Edition
Description to be added.
Art et Archéologie du Tibet
Description to be added.
Tradition et archéologie, notes sur les sépultures tibétaines
Description to be added.
Les frères écartés: questions sur l'ordre successoral dans la monarchie tibétaine
Description to be added.
The Potala, Symbol of the Power of the Dalai Lamas
ed. by Francoise Pommaret, 39-52.
A propos de notations geographiques dans l'A mdo chos 'byung
Description to be added.
The Jehol Temples and Their Tibetan Models
The text looks at Jehol temples, and at the influence that Tibetan architecture had on their construction. Rather than any structural influence, the text seems to advocate that the temples were built...
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