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Padma Dkar-po on Tantra as Ground, Path and Goal
In this first part of a two-part paper, Broido tries to understand Padma Karpo's (pad ma dkar po) explanation of tantra in general as ground, path and goal (gzhi, lam, 'bras bu) found within his treat...
A 17th Century Stone Inscription from Ura Village
This article examines an inscription on a maṇi wall in the village of Ura in southeastern Bhutan that the author noticed during a stay in the area in 2002. The inscription records that the wall was ...
Padma Dkar-po on Integration as Ground, Path and Goal
Description to be added.
The Jo-nang-pas on Madhyamaka: A Sketch
Description to be added.
A Note on Dgos-'brel
This article examines the Tibetan term dgos 'brel which is used to describe the interpretation of a text as a whole with regard to its uses and topics. Broido focuses on dgos 'brel withi...
Does Tibetan Hermeneutics Throw Any Light on Sandhābhāṣa
This article explores the term sandhābhāṣa as used in the Hevajra-tantra by examining Indian and Tibetan commentaries that apply various principles of interpration...
The Jo-nang-pas on Madhyamaka: a Sketch
Summary of the views of dol po pa shes rab rgyal mtshan on Madhyamaka according to his ri chos nges don rgya mtsho. The article briefly discusses dol po pa's interpretation of definitive and interpret...
Padma dKar-po on the Two Satyas
Description to be added.
Sa-skya Pandita, the White Panacea and the Hva-Shang Doctrine
Description to be added.
The Term dgnos-po'i gnas-lugs as Used in Padma dKar-po's gZhung-'grel
The article looks at Pema Karpo's (pad ma dkar po) Zhungdrel (gzhung 'grel) in an attempt to retreat to a more fundamental and technical understanding of the term ngöpö neluk (dgnos po'i gnas...
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