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Mchod-rol: Les instruments de la musique tibétaine by Mireille Helffer [review]
Description to be added.
Introduction: Refocusing on Tibetan Medicine
Description to be added.
Bon Lineage Doctors and the Local Transmission of Knowing Medical Practice at Nagchu
Description to be added.
Tibetan Ritual Dances and the Transformation of Space
Description to be added.
Gods and the Masks of the Kāṭhmāṇḍu Valley by Anne Vergati [review]
Description to be added.
The Earth-Ox and the Snowlion
A paper on the rites and dance ('cham) performed in the Bönpo (bon po) community of Sharkhok (shar khog).
Hwa shang at the Border: Transformations of History and Reconstructions of Identity in Modern A mdo
Creator's Description: This article looks at local ritual, and other, transformations in the shifting meanings of a well-known Sino-Tibetan historical figure known as Hwa shang in the context o...
From 'Devil Dance' to 'World Healing': Some Representations, Perspectives and Innovations of Contemporary Tibetan Ritual Dances
Description to be added.
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