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Origins of the Bumchu (bum chu) of Drakar Tashiding (brag dkar bkra shis sdings)
This article traces the history of the Bumchu (bum chu, water vase) which is kept at Tashiding (bkra shis sdings) monastery in Sikkim. The vase is said to have been used by Padmasambhava...
Sbas yul 'bras mo ljongs: the Hidden Valley of Sikkim
This is an account of Sikkim as a hidden land (sbas yul) compiled from Tibetan source materials and translated into English. It explains some of the religious history of Sikkim (’bras mo l...
Notes and Topics: Note on the Biography of Lha-btsun nam-mkha' 'jig-med
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Rig 'dzin rgod kyi ldem 'phru can gyi mdzad rnam mdor bsdus ni/ 1337-1449
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Sbas yul 'bras mo ljongs ni
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Origin of the Bumchu of Dakkar Tashiding
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A Brief Account of the Life of mNa'-bDag Sems-dPa'-Chen-Po (1591-1656 A.D.)
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Rnal 'byor mched bzhi'i rnam thar mdor bsdus
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