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The Tantric Distinction
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The Tibetan Genre of Doxography: Structuring a Worldview
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Reply to Alex Wayman's Review of The Yoga of Tibet
This piece is a response to a review by Alex Wayman, 'Review of J. Hopkins, The Yoga of Tibet. The Great Exposition of Secret Mantra – 2 and 3, by Tsong-ka-pa,' which was published in volume ...
Body temperature changes during the practice of gTum-mo yoga
Below is the abstract from a study published in Nature magazine in 1982 by Herbert Benson and others on the Tibetan yogic practice of "inner heat" or Tummo (Tibetan: gtum mo). This was one of t...
Reflections on Reality: The Three Natures and Non-Natures in the Mind-Only School: Dynamic Responses to Dzong-ka-ba's The Essence of Eloquence, Volume 2
This is the second volume in Jeffrey Hopkins's valuable series on the Mind-Only School of Buddhism. Dzong-ka-ba (1357-1419) is generally regarded as one of the greatest Tibetan philosophers, and his "...
In Praise of Compassion
Description to be added.
Tibetan-Sanskrit-English Dictionary
A Tibetan-Sanskrit-English dictionary. (Michael Walter and Manfred Taube 2006-05-15, revised by Bill McGrath 2008-01-03) Located both in stacks and reference. A more recent version in one volume exi...
Health through Balance: An Introduction to Tibetan Medicine
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A Tibetan Delineation of Different Views of Emptiness in the Indian Middle Way School
Description to be added.
Calm Abiding and Special Insight: Achieving Spiritual Transformation Through Meditation
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