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Tibet and the Southeast Asian Highlands: Rethinking the Intellectual Context of Tibetan Studies
Description to be added.
Buddhism and the State in Eighth Century Tibet
Description to be added.
The Gesar Epic of East Tibet
Description to be added.
Spirit Causation and Illness in Tibetan Medicine
Description to be added.
Introducing Tibetan Buddhism
Creator's Description: This is designed as an undergraduate textbook on Tibetan Buddhism. The general perspective is similar to that of Civilized Shamans, but the scale and detail are mo...
The Vajrayāna in the Context of Himalayan Folk Religion
Description to be added.
Ge sar of Ling: The Origins and Meaning of the East Tibetan Epic
Description to be added.
Religion in Tibetan Society – A New Approach: Part Two: The Sherpas of Nepal: A Case Study
Description to be added.
Early Buddhism in Tibet: Some Anthropological Perspectives
The article classifies two complementary orientations in early Buddhism. The first, labeled as shamanic, is characteristic of small-scale preliterate societies and is aimed at attaining Buddha...
Civilized Shamans: Buddhism in Tibetan Societies
Civilized Shamans examines the nature and evolution of religion in Tibetan societies from the ninth century up to the Chinese occupation in 1950. Samuel argues that religion in these societies develop...
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