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Review of Recognizing Reality: Dharmakīrti's Philosophy and Its Tibetan Interpretation
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The Śatapañcāśatka of Mātṛceṭa
A Sanskrit text with Tibetan, Chinese, and English translations. Contains a Tibetan-Sanskrit-Chinese index of terms, and a Tibetan-Sanskrit index of names. (Michael Walter and Manfred Taube 2006-05-1...
Review of Chinesischer und Tibetischer Buddhismus im China der Yuanzeit, H. Franke
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Review of Les Habitants du Toit du Monde, Samten Karmay
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Hospice with a Zen twist : a talk with Zen hospice founder Frank Ostaseski. interview by Steve Heilig
Although housed in an anonymous Victorian house in San Francisco, California, the Zen Hospice Project (ZHP) is world renowned for its pioneering model of training hospice volunteers, providing direct ...
Monk, Householder, and Tantric Priest: Newar Buddhism and Its Hierarchy of Ritual
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Introduction to Hinduism
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