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Labrang (ch. Xiahe) Monastery in Amdo
The travel journal and photo album of a recent visitor to Labrang Monastery in Amdo (Xiahe Si in Gansu Province). The pictures are professional quality.
Mechak Gallery of Contemporary Tibetan Art
A Tibetan artist run site that showcases contemporary works created by Tibetan artists from around the world. Mechak will also work towards organizing gatherings of Tibetan artists to facilitate the e...
Andrew Stevenson's homepage
Photo galleries of Nepal and Bhutan as well as links to two books on trekking in the Annapurnas in Nepal. (Steven Weinberger 2004-03-31)
Geoffrey Samuel's homepage
Homepage of the highly influential anthropologist of Tibetan religion and society.
Homepage of Tulku Thondup
Tulku Thondup is a scholar and prolific writer who has authored and translated numerous works on Tibetan Buddhism, particularly related to the Nyingma teachings. This site is intended to be a central ...
Buddhist liturgies, practices, and sutras
A collection of common Tibetan liturgies, including opening prayers and rites of evocation (sadhana). Many of the rites of evocation are illustrated with images of the respective deities.
Serindia Publications
On-line catalog for this renowned publisher of books on Himalyan arts and culture.
Unicode Tibetan Font for Apple Computers
The first Unicode Tibetan font support for Apple computers.
Alan Wallace online
B. Alan Wallace is a Buddhist scholar with over 30 years experience in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. After being a monk for 14 years in India, Europe, and America, Dr. Wallace obtained a degree in p...
Francisco Varela's home page
This is the home page of the late Francisco Varela, a neuroscientist instrumental in bringing Buddhism and the cognitive sciences into dialogue and in his efforts in trying to establish a science of ...
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