Sera Monastery

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Panoramas of Sera Monastery in Tibet

Tsemnling Lamas Residence
(tshe smon gling bla brang)

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Images of Tsemnling Lamas Residence

THL Reference Number: s002

College Affiliation: M (smad)

Regional House Affiliation: Tsador (tsha dor)

One of the largest and most beautiful lama residences (bla brang) of Sera (se ra), it is affiliated with Tsador Regional House (tsha dor khang tshan). This was the residence of the famed Tsemnling (tshe smon gling) line of reincarnations, whose lineage dates to the eighteenth century. Several of the early lamas (bla ma) in this lineage served as regents and/or as throne-holders of Ganden (dga ldan khri pa). Hence, the lama residence is painted yellow, a mark of the fact that the regional house had produced a ruler of Tibet. The present Tsemnling Rinpoch (tshe smon gling rin po che), the fifth in the lineage of reincarnations, was born in 1950. He serves in an administrative position in Lhasa (lha sa).

Today the lamas residence compound serves as the site of the main administrative offices for Sera Monastery (dmangs gtso bdag gnyer u yon lhan khang), where the governing body of the monastery (dmangs bdag) meets.

The attached white building in the southeastern corner may have been a kitchen. If so, it is atypical, given that kitchens are usually painted yellow.


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