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Gomdé Regional House Headquarters
(sgom sde khang tshan)

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The Gomdé Regional House (sgom sde khang tshan) temple is original, but the monks’ quarters opposite the temple were all newly built in 1997. Architecturally noteworthy is the fact that the temple has no exterior portal. There are no murals on the interior walls. Everything on the main altar appears to be new, with the exception of one old stūpa. A wing of rooms is probably missing on the eastern side of the compound.

The most famous scholar of this regional house, Gomdé Namkha Gyeltsen (sgom sde nam mkha’ rgyal mtshan), is supposed to have lived on the top story above the temple.

There is only one monk from this regional house left in the monastery. He is in the Sera (se ra) nursing home. The two dozen monks living here now actually belong to Lhopa Regional House (lho pa khang tshan). They are residing here because they were responsible for rebuilding this regional house, having been recruited for this task because they all hail from Chamdo (chab mdo), one of the source-regions of this regional house’s monks.