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Samlo Regional House Headquarters
(bsam lo khang tshan)

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Samlo Regional House (bsam lo khang tshan)/apartment compound (spyi khang)/kitchen (rung khang)

There are three compounds located at this site: the main Samlo Regional House compound, a separate apartment compound adjacent to the regional house on its western side, and the kitchen on the eastern side. Samlo Regional House received monks from Outer Mongolia. It produced many great scholars. Geshé Senggé (dge bshes seng ge), an important contemporary scholar from this regional house who died in the early 1990s, served as the abbot of Sera (se ra) for many years. He lived on the second story above the regional house temple. Samlo Regional House was also important because (with Hamdong Regional House [har gdong khang tshan]) it was one of two regional houses that had a formal relationship to the Dalai Lama.

The Samlo apartment compound (#68B) abuts Samlo Regional House (#68A) on its western side. It consists of a number of monastic rooms built around a central courtyard. The kitchen for Samlo Regional House (#68C) is located to the east of the regional house temple.