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Tsetang Regional House Headquarters
(rtsed thang khang tshan)

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Tsetang Regional House (rtsed thang khang tshan) is one of the six original subsidiary houses (mi tshan) under the aegis of Bati Regional House (sba ti khang tshan). In this, the main regional house compound, two stories of monks’ rooms surround a central courtyard, with the three-story temple on the remaining, northern, side. The Tsetang apartment house (rtsed thang spyi khang) is a separate compound adjacent to the main regional house compound.

Both the main regional house and the apartment compound were in a deteriorated state in the early 80s when monks started returning to Sera (se ra). An elder monk, the last remaining monk of this regional house, returned to Sera from southern Tibet in 1981 to restore the main regional house compound. Large portions of the adjacent apartment complex have been destroyed or are dilapidated.