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Jadrel Regional House Headquarters
(bya bral khang tshan)

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This main regional house compound, which sits along the northern perimeter wall of the monastery behind Jé College (grwa tshang byes), was the regional house (khang tshan) that most of the nomads of the northern plains would enter. The compound was almost completely destroyed, but it has been almost totally restored with funds that were sent by former Sera (se ra) monks abroad. In 2002 the regional house temple was still under renovation. In the main building, where the temple is located, the first story is monks’ quarters. The second story contains more monks’ quarters as well as the regional house kitchen (rung khang). The third story houses the temple, and the fourth may have been a lama’s residence (bla brang). There appears to be a fifth story, but this was inaccessible to us in 2002. The regional house has a stone-paved courtyard, somewhat unusual for a courtyard of this size.