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Denma Regional House Headquarters
(’den ma khang tshan)

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This main regional house (khang tshan) compound is located just above (north of) the Great Assembly Hall (tshogs chen). Two stories of monks’ rooms enclose the central courtyard, with the regional house temple making up the fourth side. Somewhat unusual, architecturally, is the fact that the regional house debate throne (dam khri) is located just below the portico of the temple. Usually this throne is found on one or the other side of the temple, and not in front of it. The most important monk of this regional house in recent history is the former abbot of Sera (India), Khenzur Ngawang Lekden (mkhan zur ngag dbang legs ldan), who died in the 1990s. He was a renowned scholar who spent many years teaching in the West, but he returned to Sera-India in the early 80s to teach, remaining there until his death.