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Tsador Regional House Headquarters
(tsha dor khang tshan)

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This is the main compound of this regional house (khang tshan), and it has the right to be painted yellow because it is the home regional house of a former regent of Tibet, the Tsemönling Rinpoché (tshe smon gling rin po che). Architecturally, it is somewhat unusual in that the temple is part of a long building that otherwise contains only monks’ living quarters in the style of apartment houses. A large pile of dirt in the southern portion of the regional house courtyard is rubble from demolished monks’ quarters. Aside from this, the structures in the compound are in good condition. The Tsemönling lama’s residence (bla brang) at Sera (se ra), and the Tsemönling Monastery in Lhasa are both affiliated with this regional house. The Lhasa branch-temple was founded by the Second Tsemönling Rinpoché, Ngawang Jampel Tsültrim Gyatso (ngag dbang ’jam dpal tshul khrims rgya mtsho) in 1824. Since its founding it has been affiliated both with this lama’s residence, with Tsador Regional House (tsha dor khang tshan), and with Mé College (grwa tshang smad) generally. Monks of Tsador Regional House presently serve as caretakers of the Lhasa temple complex.