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Bompora Regional House Headquarters
(spo ’bor khang tshan)

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Spelled “Powor” (spo ’bor) but pronounced “Bompora,” this regional house (khang tshan) is one of the largest and most important of Sera Mé (se ra smad). Bompora Regional House owns several monastic apartment houses (spyi khang). This compound – the main regional house compound – though not very large, is in very good repair, as is the regional house temple. Its most famous lama (bla ma) was Pabongkha Dechen Nyingpo (pha bong kha bde chen snying po, 1878-1941). It is painted yellow, a symbol of the fact that among its more eminent monks there was a regent (sde drid) of Tibet. Among the more eminent monks of this regional house is Gendün Tsültrim (dge ’dun tshul khrims, 1744-1807), sixty-fifth holder of the Ganden (dga’ ldan) throne, and tutor to the Third Penchen Lama (paṇ chen bla ma).