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Metsa Regional House
(smad tsha khang tshan)

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One of the largest regional houses (khang tshan) of Mé College (grwa tshang smad), Metsa (smad tsha) Regional House is one of the regional houses with the greatest number of lama (bla ma). This is the main compound of this regional house. Given its association with the founder of Sera Mé (se ra smad), this regional house could be the original site of Mé College. The main temple may be very old. It was not destroyed, but all of the religious artifacts inside the temple are new. Many of the murals – both inside the temple and in the entry portal – are original, but they have all been restored. There used to be monastic quarters to the left (west) as one is looking at the regional house temple. These were destroyed and have not been rebuilt. The main kitchen (yellow in color) in the northeast corner of the compound is new.

Metsa had several monastic apartment complexes (spyi khang) separate from the main regional house compound, one of which, located in what is now empty field #91, has been completely destroyed. Another (#13) survives. Many of the monks that belonged to the Tantric College (sngags pa grwa tshang) lived in Metsa Regional House. What is now the Tantric College apartment complex (sngags pa spyi khang) may have been another apartment complex belonging to this regional house.

The regional house produced at least one holder of the Ganden throne (dga’ ldan khri pa) – the sixty-eighth, Lozang Gelek (blo bzang dge legs, 1757-1816), a later incarnation of which, Tsawa Tritrül Ngawang Lozang (tsha ba khri sprul ngag dbang blo bzang, 1880-1957), was the teacher of the contemporary scholar, Dungkhar Lozang Trinlé (dung mkhar blo zang ’phrin las), who died in Lhasa between the early 1990s and early 2000s. This regional house was also home to the Panglung (spang lung) incarnation lineage (eighteenth century to present). The Panglung Hermitage (spang lung ri khrod) is one of the hermitages under the control of Sera Mé.