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Lawa Regional House Headquarters
(l+wa ba khang tshan)

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Lawa (l+wa ba) is one of the larger regional houses of Jé College (grwa tshang byes). This regional house was renowned for its strict discipline. The monks from Kham (khams) were especially restricted in their movements: for example, they were never allowed to leave the monastery grounds. There is apparently a separate set of regulations that apply to the monks of this regional house written by a previous incarnation of Keutsang Rinpoché (ke’u tshang rin po che). All of the murals on the first story of the regional house temple have been painted anew, and all of the statuary is also new. The murals in the second floor atrium are apparently original.

Among the more important teachers of this regional house are Geshé Jatsé (dge bshes bya rtse, d. 1950s), and Geshé Jampa Chömpel (dge bshes byams pa chos ’phel), student of Geshé Jatsé. The reincarnations of both of these famous lamas (bla ma) were trained in Sera (se ra)-India.