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THL Unicode Diacritics Chart

Line Above (Macron)
DescriptionEntity Names 1Unicode CharacterUnicode Decimal 2Unicode Hex
small a macronāā2570101
capital A macroĀĀ2560100
small e macronēē2750113
capital E macronĒĒ2740112
small i macroīī299012B
capital I macroĪĪ298012A
small o macroōō333014D
capital O macroŌŌ332014C
small u macronūū363016B
capital U macronŪŪ362016A
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Dot Below
DescriptionEntity Names1Unicode CharacterUnicode Decimal 2Unicode Hex
small d underdot&ddb;76931E0D
capital D underdot&Ddb;76921E0C
small h underdot&hdb;77171E25
capital H underdot&Hdb;77161E24
small l underdot&ldb;77351E37
capital L underdot&Ldb;77341E36
small l macron underdot&lmdb;77371E39
capital L macron underdot&Lmdb;77361E38
small m underdot&mdb;77471E43
capital M underdot&Mdb;77461E42
small n underdot&ndb;77511E47
capital N underdot&Ndb;77501E46
small r underdot&rdb;77711E5B
capital R underdot&Rdb;77701E5A
small r macron underdot&rmdb;77731E5D
capital R macron underdot&Rmdb;77721E5C
small s underdot&sdb;77791E63
capital S underdot&Sdb;77781E62
small t underdot&tdb;77891E6D
capital T underdot&Tdb;77881E6C
small z underdot&zdb;78271E93
capital Z underdot&Zdb;78261E92
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Dot Above
DescriptionEntity Names1Unicode CharacterUnicode Decimal 2Unicode Hex
small m overdot&mda;77451E41
capital M overdot&Mda;77441E40
small n overdot&nda;77491E45
capital N overdot&Nda;77481E44
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Umlaut (diaeresis)
DescriptionEntity Names1Unicode CharacterUnicode Decimal 2Unicode Hex
small a diaeresisää22800E4
capital A diaeresisÄÄ19600C4
small e diaeresisëë23500EB
capital E diaeresisËË20300CB
small i diaeresisïï23900EF
capital I diaeresisÏÏ20700CF
small o diaeresisöö24600F6
capital O diaeresisÖÖ21400D6
small u diaeresisüü25200FC
capital U diaeresisÜÜ22000DC
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DescriptionEntity Names1Unicode CharacterUnicode Decimal 2Unicode Hex
small a tildeãã22700E3
capital A tildeÃÃ19500C3
small e tilde&etilde;78691EBD
capital E tilde&Etilde;78681EBC
small i tildeĩĩ2970129
capital I tildeĨĨ2960128
small n tildeññ24100F1
capital N tildeÑÑ20900D1
small o tildeõõ24500F5
capital O tildeÕÕ21300D5
small u tildeũũ3610169
capital U tildeŨŨ3600168
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Accent Acute
DescriptionEntity Names1Unicode CharacterUnicode Decimal 2Unicode Hex
small a acuteáá22500E1
capital A acuteÁÁ19300C1
small e acuteéé23300E9
capital E acuteÉÉ20100C9
small i acuteíí23700ED
capital I acuteÍÍ20500CD
small o acuteóó24300F3
capital O acuteÓÓ21100D3
small s acuteśś347015B
capital S acuteŚŚ346015A
small u acuteúú25000FA
capital U acuteÚÚ21800DA
small y acuteýý25300FD
capital Y acuteÝÝ22100DD
small z acuteźź378017A
capital z acuteŹŹ3770179
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Accent Grave
DescriptionEntity Names1Unicode CharacterUnicode Decimal 2Unicode Hex
small a graveàà22400E0
capital A graveÀÀ19200C0
small e graveèè23200E8
capital E graveÈÈ19600C8
small i graveìì23600EC
capital I graveÌÌ20400CC
small o graveòò24200F2
capital O graveÒÒ21000D2
small u graveùù24900F9
capital U graveÙÙ21700D9
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DescriptionEntity Names1Unicode CharacterUnicode Decimal 2Unicode Hex
small a circumflexââ22600E2
capital A circumflexÂÂ19400C2
small e circumflexêê23400EA
capital E circumflexÊÊ20200CA
small i circumflexîî23800EE
capital I circumflexÎÎ20600CE
small o circumflexôô24400F4
capital O circumflexÔÔ21200D4
small u circumflexûû25100FB
capital U circumflexÛÛ21900DB
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DescriptionEntity Names1Unicode CharacterUnicode Decimal 2Unicode Hex
small c cedilla&cced;ç23100E7
capital C cedilla&Cced;Ç19900C7
small s cedilla&sced;ş351015F
capital S cedilla&Sced;Ş350015E
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DescriptionEntity Name1Unicode CharacterUnicode Decimal 2Unicode Hex
small c caron&ccar;č269010D
capital C caron&Ccar;Č268010C
small e caron&ecar;ě283011B
capital E caron&Ecar;Ě282011A
small j caron&jcar;ǰ49601F0
capital J caron&Jcar;J + 780 (caron)J + 030C (caron)
small s caron&scar;š3530161
capital S caron&Scar;Š3520160
small z caron&scar;ž382017E
capital Z caron&Scar;Ž381017D
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1 Entity names are a mixture of standard HTML entity names, names used in XML documents specific to this project, and suggested names for those entities we have not yet had the need to use. As a group, they do not at this stage represent a standard of any sort. Since these are not defined as standard in XML or XHTML 1.1, they do not work consistently in all browsers.
2 Unicode decimal codes are used to create numeric entities in HTML or XML. These all take the form of &#dddd;, where "d" represents a digit. Thus, the entity for "small a macron" would be "ā", and the entity for "Capital D underdot" would be "Ḍ".


Displaying Diacritics in Your Web Browser

To insure that the diacritic characters throughout the THL site appear properly in your web-browser, your system and browser need to be configured properly. THL uses Unicode encoding to display diacritics and your system and browser must be set up appropriately to handle the Unicode characters. To insure the proper display of diacritic characters within THL, one needs:

  1. To have a Unicode diacritic font with all the necessary diacritic characters installed on your computer, and
  2. To have one’s browser properly configured.

THL recommends the use of Times Extended Roman, freely available from BCCA. Information on how to set up your browser for a PC can be found at Displaying Unicode Diacritics in Browsers on Windows. Further information on the use of diacritic fonts may be found at the THL Unicode Diacritics Fonts page.