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Title: bod chen po’i srid lugs dang ’brel ba’i rgyal rabs deb ther dkar po
Language of title: Tibetan
Title in other language: The white annals
Other language: English
Author/Creator: Gendün Chömpel (Dge 'dun chos 'phel), ?1905-?1951

Description: This is a Tibetan history written by Gendün Chömpel, a controversial figure in twentieth-century Tibetan culture. (Steven Weinberger 2004-07-16)

Publisher Place: Darjeeling
Publisher: Freedom Press
Normalized publisher place: Darjeeling, West Bengal
Publisher country: India
Published Date: 1964
Extent: 5, 103 p. : ill. ; 19 cm.
Subject: Tibetan History
Gendün Chömpel (dge 'dun chos 'phel), ?1905-?1951
Classification: Tibetan and Himalayan -- Tibetan Literature -- Historical Literature -- Histories
Tibetan and Himalayan -- History -- Religious History
Tibetan and Himalayan -- Tibetan Literature -- Historical Literature -- Religious Histories
Tibetan and Himalayan -- Tibetan Literature -- Historical Literature -- Annals
Cultural Coverage: Tibet
Original Language: Tibetan
Language: Tibetan

Other Editions: deb ther dkar po: English translation.

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