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Title: ལྷ་སའི་དགོན་ཐོ། (lha sa'i dgon tho/)
Language of title: Tibetan
Author/Creator: Shenyen Tsültrim (bshes gnyen tshul khrims)
One Sentence Summary: A descriptive listing of the religious sites in the Lhasa (lha sa) area. (Geoff Barstow 2009-06-27)

Description: A descriptive listing of the religious sites in the Lhasa (lha sa) area. Includes listings for Lhasa itself, as well as the regions surrounding the counties of Taktsé (stag tse rdzong), Meldro Gungkar (mal gro gung dkar rdzong), Penpo Lhündrup ('phan po lhun grub rdzong), Damzhung ('dam gzhung rdzong), Tölung Dechen (stod lung bde chen rdzong), Chushur (chu shur rdzong) and Nyemo (snye mo rdzong). (Geoff Barstow 2009-06-27)

Publisher: bod ljongs mi dmangs dpe skrun khang
Normalized publisher place: Lhasa
Publisher country: China
Published Date: 2004
Extent: 328 p.
Classification: Tibetan and Himalayan -- Places-Geography -- Places -- Tibet -- Ütsang (dbus gtsang) -- Lhasa (lha sa)
Tibetan and Himalayan -- Religion -- Monasteries -- Region -- Tibet -- Central Tibet (dbus gtsang)
Tibetan and Himalayan -- Places-Geography -- Places -- China -- Tibet Autonomous Region -- Lhasa
Language: Tibetan

Table of Contents: [Translated from the Tibetan] One: The Region of Lhasa (lha sa) -- Two: The Region of Taktsé Dzong (stag tse rdzong) -- Three: The Region of Meldro Gungkar Dzong (mal gro gung dkar rdzong) -- Four: The Region of Penpo Lhündrup Dzong ('phan po lhun grub rdzong)

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