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Title: Footprint Tibet
Language of title: English
Author/Creator: Gyurme Dorje

Description: A comprehensive travel guide to the entire Tibetan plateau; including uniquely in-depth accounts of Ngari, Kham, and Amdo. This book provides extensive and detailed information regarding preparation for travel and logistics as well as Tibetan geographic, cultural, and historical accounts. Includes many color maps and photos. (Bill McGrath 2008-01-14)

Publisher Place: Bath
Publisher: Footprint Handbooks
Normalized publisher place: Bath, England
Publisher country: United Kingdom
Publisher URL: http://www.footprintbooks.com/
Published Date: 2004
Edition: 3rd
Extent: 21 cm
Subject: Cultural tourism
Classification: Tibetan and Himalayan -- Tourism and Travel -- Travel Guides and Tourbooks
Cultural Coverage: Tibet
Temporal coverage: 21st century
Language: English

Table of Contents: 1. Introduction (1-16) -- 2. Essentials (17-58) -- 3. Lhasa (59-134) -- 4. Central Tibet (135-162) -- 5. Southern Tibet (163-254) -- 6. Western Tibet (255-336) -- 7. Northern Tibet (337-346) -- 8. Far West Tibet (347-398) -- 9. Eastern Tibet (399-542) -- 10. Far East Tibet (543-706) -- 11. Gateway Cities (707-734) -- 12. Background (735-786) -- 13. Footnotes (787-879)

ISBN/ISSN: 1903471303
Project: Geotourism
Format: Print media (print or manuscript)
Resource Type: Book (single author)

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