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Title: Chinese Title to be added.
Language of title: Chinese
Title in other language: Tibet's Biodiversity: Conservation and Management
Other language: English
Editor: Wu Ning
Daniel Miller
Jenny Springer

Description: An Chinese language compilation of articles by various authors regarding the status and management of Tibetan environment, resources, and wildlife.

Translator: Jenny Springer
Publisher Place: Lhasa
Publisher: China Forestry Publishing House
Normalized publisher place: Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region (Lhasa, Bö Rangkyong Jong)
Publisher country: China
Published Date: 2000
Classification: Tibetan and Himalayan -- Environment
Source: To be added.

Table of Contents:

Part One:

Yu Yonggui, Bio-diversity Conservation and Sustainable Development in Tibet / Xu Qiang, Tibet's Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development / Tao Siming, Biodiversity Conservation in Tibet and the Protection of the Environment / Liu Wulin, Nature Reserves in Tibet Autonomous Region / Mingma Norbu Sherpa, Ecoregion Based Conservation: A Global Perspective.

Part Two:

George B. Schaller, Wildlife Conservation in the Chang Tang Reserve, Tibet / Richard B. Harris, Conservation of Large Mammals in Non-Protected Areas in Qinghai and Gansu / Rodney Jackson, People-Wildlife Conflict Management in the Qomolangma Nature Reserve, Tibet / Zhigang Jiang and Diqiang Li, Przewalski's Gazelle and Biodiversity Conservation in the Qinghai Lake Region / Cai Guiquan, The Argalis of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau / Mary Anne Bishop, Jim Harris, and Carjue Zhuoma; Conservation of Black-necked Cranes (Grus nigricollis) and Bar-headed Geese (Anser indicus) in South-central Tibet.

Part Three:

Daniel Winkler, Major Threats to Tibetan Forest Ecosystems and Strategies for Forest Biodiversity Conservation / Xu Fengziang, Issues Relating to the Conservation of Plant Diversity in Southeastern Tibet / Li Qianzhen, Utilisation and Management of Forest Resources in Linzhi District, Tibet Autonomous Region / Lin Deyu, Characteristics of Forest Resources in the Yarlung Zangbo and Big Bend Area and its Biodiversity Conservation / Sun Hang, The Secondary Succession Series of Tropical Forest in the Yalu Tsangpo Gorge in SE Tibet and its influence on Plant Diversity / Wen Shula, The Bio-diversity and its Preserve in Medong.

Part Four:

Gu Anlin, Biodiversity of Tibet's Rangeland Resources and their Protection / Ling Hui, Status of Grassland Degradation in the Major Grazing Areas of Tibet and Measures of Recovery / Ciwang Duobujie, The Status and Harnessing of the Grassland Ecological Environment in Naqu, Tibet Autonomous Region / Wu Ning, Man's Impact on Biodiversity in Tibetan Nomadic Societies in Western Sichuan / J. Marc Foggin and Andrew T. Smith, Rangeland Utilization and Biodiversity on the Alpine Grasslands of Qinghai Province, People's Republic of China / Andrew T. Smith and J. Marc Foggin, The Plateau Pike is a Keystone Species for Biodiversity on the Tibetan Plateau.

Part Five:

Nyima Tashi, Diversy of Barley in Tibet / Gu Maozhi, The Conservation and the Management of Crop Germ Plasma Resource Diversity in Tibet: Present Situation and Future Prospects / Ai Cuoqian, Tibetan Medicine and Biodiversity Protection / Lisa Choegyal, The Role of Ecotourism in Biodiversity Conservation and Development / WuLan Tuya, Tibet's Ecotourism Development and Biodiversiyt Conservation / Lhakpa Norbu Sherpa, Nurturing Conservation Cooperation across Borders: Transboundary Protected Area Exchange between Nepal and Tibet Autonomous Region of China.

Part Six:

Discussions and Summary / Appendicies / George B. Schaller, Afterword

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