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Title: Padma Dkar-po on Tantra as Ground, Path and Goal
Language of title: English
Author/Creator: Michael M. Broido
One Sentence Summary: Broido presents Padma Karpo's (pad ma dkar po) explanation of tantra in general as ground, path and goal (gzhi, lam, 'bras bu).

Description: In this first part of a two-part paper, Broido tries to understand Padma Karpo's (pad ma dkar po) explanation of tantra in general as ground, path and goal (gzhi, lam, 'bras bu) found within his treatise on Vajrayāna entitled Jo bo nāropa'i khyad chos bsre 'pho'i gzhung 'grel rdo rje 'chang gi dgongs pa gsal bar byed pa. Broido explores the interpretation of these concepts by several other commentators before going into an extended analysis of Padma Karpo's comments. The Tibetan text of Padma Karpo's summary of ground, path, and goal are given in an appendix. (Ben Deitle 2006-01-27)

Original/Translation: Both
Publisher Place: Bloomington
Publisher: The Tibet Society
Normalized publisher place: Bloomington, IN
Publisher country: United States
Published Date: 1984
URL: http://www.thlib.org/static/reprints/jts/JTS_04_01.pdf
Subject: Pema Karpo (pad ma dkar po), Drukchen ('brug chen) IV, 1527-1592
Guhyasamāja tantra
Classification: Tantric Studies -- Buddhist Tantra -- Individual Texts -- Guhyasamāja tantra
Tibetan and Himalayan -- Tibetan Literature -- Canonical Literature -- Tantra
Tibetan and Himalayan -- Journals -- Journals Focused on Regions -- Tibet -- Journal of the Tibet Society -- Vol. 4 (1984)
Cultural Coverage: Tibet
Language: English
Source: The Journal of the Tibet Society
Source Editor: Christopher I. Beckwith, 1945-
Source Type: Journal
Source Volume: 4
Source Page Numbers: 5-46
Start Date: 1981
End Date: 1988
Frequency of publication: Annually
ISBN/ISSN: 7351364

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Associated Information: The second part of this paper, "Padma Dkar-po on Integration as Ground, Path and Goal," was published in the Journal of the Tibet Society, volume 5, 1985, pp. 5-54.

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