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Buddhism beyond the bounds of belief
Physicist Arthur Zajonc offers a review of R. J. Brissenden's book Zen Buddhism and Modern Physics: Morality and Religion in the New Millennium. (Zach Rowinski 2004-06-04)
External, internal, and nondual space
This paper, by B. Alan Wallace, is based on a lecture he gave at the 26th Mystics and Science Conference at King Alfred's College, WInchester, England on April 13, 2003. The abstract of the paper is b...
Home page of Victor Mansfield
Victor Mansfield is trained as an astrophysicist and is the author of numerous works on physics, Tibetan Buddhism, and Jungian psychology. His webpage includes information on his publications, full le...
Piet Hut's home page
Piet Hut is a Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Institute for Advanced Study. His work focusses mainly on astrophysics, but he also actively pursues research in geology, paleontology, gen...
The physics of peace : quantum nonlocality and Buddhist emptiness
Author and astrophysicist Victor Mansfield looks into quantum view of reality and the Buddhist concept of emptiness. He outlines the 20th century debate in physics between Einstein and quantum theory ...
The quantum and the lotus : a journey to the frontiers where science and Buddhism meet
How did the universe begin? Can consciousness exist apart from the body? How is understanding the universe connected to happiness? Trinh Xuan Thuan, an astrophysicist and professor born in Vietnam, an...
Time in physics and Buddhism
An astrophysicists looks at the notion of time in physics. He notes how time moves forward and can not be reversed. He connects this to Ludwig Boltzmann's idea that entropy (the measure of disorder) m...

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