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[Comparative studies of the tridosha theory in Ayurveda and the theory of the four deranged elements in Buddhist medicine]
It has been said that the tridosha theory in Ayurveda originated from the theory of the three elements of the universe. The names of these three doshas, which are roughly equivalent to humour, are vat...
[Interrelations of Buddhism and classical Indian medicine]
In ancient India, two branches of knowledge are concerned with human suffering, trying to theoretically explain as well as to practically overcome its reasons: (practical) philosophy and medicine. In ...
[Jijvaka's recipes in Indian ancient medical texts]
Jijvaka was very important in the history of Indian Buddhist medicine, and Indian ayurvedic classics yet ascribed some recipes to him. Jijvaka's four recipes from Navanijtaka, Carkadatta, and Bodhisat...
Foundations of clinical logagogy
The meaning of the term "logagogy" is elucidated, and logagogic practices are outlined in the history of medicine. It is shown how the traditional medicine of India, Ayurveda, shows signs of logagogic...
The Chinese reception of Indian medicine in the first millennium A.D
The author explores the nature of the Chinese reception of Indian medicine and suggests that certain socio-cultural factors and accepted behavioral models prevented the Chinese from fully assimilating...

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