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[Interrelations of Buddhism and classical Indian medicine]
In ancient India, two branches of knowledge are concerned with human suffering, trying to theoretically explain as well as to practically overcome its reasons: (practical) philosophy and medicine. In ...
Death with dignity : significance of religious beliefs and practices in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam
1. Nurses can help individuals more readily deal with death and dying by examining cultural variations in death reactions and rituals. This helps to humanize care. 2. Caring for a dying client is a co...
No clear Buddhist stance on stem cell work
In this short editorial, Damien Keown discusses Buddhist perspectives on stem cell use. He outlines the conditions under which use of stem cells may be acceptable. Therapeutic use of stem cells is not...
The ethical, legal and religious aspects of preembryo research
Recent advances in the field of reproduction have made it possible to obtain preembryos and to use them in many research applications. These include research into improving methods of IVF treatment, c...
The historical relationship between psychiatry and the major religions
This chapter of the volume Psychiatry and Religion: The Convergence of Mind and Spirit presents a cross-cultural examination on the contemporary relation between psychiatry and the religious t...

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