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Exploring the nature and functions of the mind : a Tibetan Buddhist meditative perspective
The Tibetan Buddhist classification of mind, its divisions and the system of meditation practices aimed at achieving ideal states of being are a complex presentation of psychological, behavioral and s...
Is compassion an emotion? A cross-cultural exploration of mental typologies
This chapter looks at the question of whether traditional Buddhist typologies of mind are commensurable with the Western concept of emotion. The concept of emotion is, as the author notes, complex and...
Meditation and consciousness : an Asian approach to mental health
According to Abhidhamma, a classical Asian phenomenology of consciousness, through meditation a set of "healthy" mental properties reciprocally inhibits an "unhealthy" set. In light of Abhidhamma and ...
Structure, strategy and self in the fabrication of conscious experience
Neurophysiological and psychological evidence require us to see perception, the 'fabrication of (conscious) experience', as a process in time. Some of the elapsed time between the onset of stimulation...
Wisdom traditions and the ways of reduction
The book On Becoming Aware seeks a disciplined and practical approach to exploring human experience. While much of the book draws its inspiration from the phenomenological theories of Husserl,...

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