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[Interrelations of Buddhism and classical Indian medicine]
In ancient India, two branches of knowledge are concerned with human suffering, trying to theoretically explain as well as to practically overcome its reasons: (practical) philosophy and medicine. In ...
Healing images : historical perspective
This chapter, from the book Healing images : The Role of Imagination in Health, takes a broad look at the use of imagery in across cultures from ancient times to the present. The author discuss...
Life of Lonrig Dandar, a famous physician of traditional Mongolian medicine
Longrig Dandar, a Mongolian native of Kalak, was born in 1842 and died in 1915. Being a famous Mongolian physician converted to Buddhism when he was a boy, he was proficient in "Five Rig-pa", especial...
The Chinese reception of Indian medicine in the first millennium A.D
The author explores the nature of the Chinese reception of Indian medicine and suggests that certain socio-cultural factors and accepted behavioral models prevented the Chinese from fully assimilating...
Tibetan medicine. part I: Introduction to Tibetan medicine and the rGyud-bzi (Fourth Tantra)
Tibetan medicine is one example of a traditional cultural health care system. Until recently, geographic barriers have permitted this medical tradition to evolve in an uninterrupted way. The history, ...

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