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Degrees of Freedom
In this webcast, astrophysicist Piet Hut of the Institute for Advanced Study presents a model of knowledge based on the differing approaches and worldviews of scientific methodologies, the Western phe...
MeaningofLife.tv, hosted by science writer Robert Wright, asks prominent thinkers from a variety of different areas such as biology, psychology, physics, theology, philosophy, and the Buddhist and Isl...
Samsara divided by zero : can chaos theory help us understand enlightenment?
Thānissaro Bhikkhu, a Western monk trained in the Thai Buddhist tradition, explores non-linear causality and the assertion that Buddhist enlightenment is uncaused. He introduces Poincaré's discovery...
The Buddha and the search for evidence
In this very short letter to the editor, the author quotes a sūtra (scripture) spoken by the Buddha in which he encourages the Kalamas people not to simply believe in something simply because i...
The journey : searching for out origins part 1
This is part one of a two part webcast featuring an interdisciplinary discussion between a Buddhist, Christian, and agnostic/scientist focussing fundamental questions about human origins, evolution, t...

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