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Calm Abiding (zhi gnas, śamatha) (9)
Deity Yoga (lha'i rnal 'byor, devatā-yoga) (1)
Dzokchen (rdzogs chen) (10)
Insight Meditation (lhag mthong, vipaśyanā) (5)
Mahāmudrā (phyag rgya chen po) (1)
Mindfulness Meditation (27)
Zen Meditation/Zazen (11)

Classical Buddhist model of a healthy mind
In this chapter from the book Psychology and Buddhism: From Individual to Global Community, Buddhist scholar Richard P. Hayes looks at the Buddhist process toward transforming from a state of m...
Degrees of Freedom
In this webcast, astrophysicist Piet Hut of the Institute for Advanced Study presents a model of knowledge based on the differing approaches and worldviews of scientific methodologies, the Western phe...
Meditation and the conscious self-regulation of learning a multi-disciplinary model for the scientific uses of meditatative self-correction
Psychiatrist and Buddhist scholar Joseph Loizzo discusses self-regulation and reconditioning the mind against the stress response through meditation. He particularly looks at issues pertaining to a mu...
Meditation and the self regulation of learning : a link between health science and religion
Joseph Loizzo is a psychiatrist and a Ph.D in religious studies with a focus on Buddhism. In this lecture, he discusses meditation and its relation to health practice and research. He asks why meditat...

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