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Yul and Yul Lha: The Territory and Its Deity in Bhutan
The author presents an analysis of the relationship of local deities in Bhutan to their territories and to the people living within those territories. The paper is based on fieldwork carried out in fr...
Pilgrimage and Incest: The Case of Chorten Nyima (mchod rten nyi ma) on the Tibeto-Sikkimese Border
This article deals with a famous pilgrimage site, Chöten nyima (mchod rten nyi ma), near the border of Tibet and Sikkim known to purify misdeeds, especially those of incest and parricide. The author ...
Some Considerations of the Early History of Bhutan
Article looks at Bhutan's early history to discuss how and why Buddhism has survived and flourished to the extent that Buddhism is recognized as the state religion of Bhutan. (Mark Premo-Hopkins 2004-...

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