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Dol-po-pa shes-rab rgyal-mtshan and the genesis of the gshan-stong position in Tibet
The article describes events that led to and surrounded Dölpopa Sherap Gyeltsen's (dol po pa shes rab rgyal mtshan, 1292-1361) development of the view of gzhan stong ('emptiness of other', 'other emp...
Tāranātha the Historian
In this short article, Templeman reviews the historical writings of Tāranātha (tA ra nA tha), particularly his work on the Siddhas of India, the Bka' babs bdun ldan gyi brgyud pa'i rnam thar ngo ...
The Buddha from Dolpo : a study of the life and thought of the Tibetan master Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsen
A study of the life and work of the important Jonang figure Dölpopa Sherap Gyentsen, including his philosophical view of gzhan stong. (Yaroslav Komarovski 2004-04-16)
The Jo nang pas: A School of Buddhist Ontologists according to the Grub mtha' šel gyi me loṅ
Ruegg here translates the sixth chapter of the History of Philosophical Doctrines (Grub mtha' shel gyi me long) written by Thu'u bkwan Blo bzang chos kyi nyi ma (1737-1802) and completed in 180...
The Jo-nang-pas on Madhyamaka: a Sketch
Summary of the views of dol po pa shes rab rgyal mtshan on Madhyamaka according to his ri chos nges don rgya mtsho. The article briefly discusses dol po pa's interpretation of definitive and interpret...
The Lineage of Tāranātha According to Kloṅ-rdol bla-ma
This article looks at discrepencies in the reported reincarnation lineages of Tāranātha (1575-1635), a famed Tibetan author of boiographical and historical works. (Mark Premo-Hopkins 2004-07-09)

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