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A passage from the Shih chi in the Old Tibetan Chronicle
The article attempts to clarify the meaning of a Tibetan passage from the fourth chapter of The Old Tibetan Chronicle . Identifying the passage with an anecdote found in the Shih chi, t...
Dgra-lha: a Re-examination
In this brief communication Gibson investigates the Tibetan term dgra lha, which commonly refers to a particular type of deity. He argues that the term may actually have its roots in another te...
On translating oral traditions: ceremonial wedding poetry from Dingri
This text deals with the difficulties of interpreting and translating Tibetan ceremonial wedding poetry (molla). Aziz deals with the tension and complications that develop from translating the writte...
Probleme einer Neubearbeitung buddhistischer des Bar-do-thos-grol
Article looks at problems that might arise in attempts to revise the Bardo Tödröl ("Tibetan Book of the Dead"). (Mark Premo-Hopkins, 2004-01-16)
The Dajong Kä ('dras ljongs skad) Sikkimese Language
Description to be added.
The Sikkimese Bhutia Language or Denjong Ke
Description to be added.
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Themes in Himalayan languages and lingusitics
24 articles by scholars from nine different countries on languages spoken in the Himalayan regions of Nepal, India, Tibet and China. (Mark Turin 2004-03-23)

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