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བོད་དང་ས་འབྲེལ་ཁག་གི་ས་ཁྲ། (bod dang sa 'brel khag gi sa khra/)
A Tibetan language map of Tibet. Scale 1:3,200,000
青藏高原自然景观图 (Qing Zang gao yuan zi ran jing guan tu)
A map showing the physical terrian of the Tibetan plateau. Relief shown by lanform drawings, shading, and spot heights. Scale 1:3,000,000. Chinese and English.
西藏自治区地图册 (Xizang Zizhiqu di tu ce)
An atlas of Chinese language maps of the Tibet Autonomous Region, by prefecture Maps organized by prefecture, and include roads, towns, rivers and lakes. Includes some descriptive text.
Historical and commercial atlas of China
Contains fifty-nine digitized maps (about 170KB each) originally published in Albert Herrmann, Historical and commercial atlas of China (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1935). (Stev...
International Association of Ladakh Studies
Contains bibliographies and maps on Ladakh, as well as information about this association. (Jann Ronis 2003-09-16)
Lost Treasures of Tibet (in Mustang)
Multifaceted companion website to the NOVA episode "Lost Treasures of Tibet," which was filmed in Mustang (Nepal) and first broadcast in 2003. Contents include slideshows, 360-degree virtual reality p...
Map of monasteries in Kham, Eastern Tibet
Road map of the Ganzi and Dege (sde dge) regions of Kham (khams). It is centered around Kalsang Monastery in Nyarong. (Jann Ronis 2003-10-06)
South central China and Tibet : hotspot of diversity
This site includes historic and contemporary photographs from expeditions with a focus on the botany of south Central China and Tibet, including an interest in cultural issues. It is particularly usef...
Tibet information network
Tibet Information Network (TIN) is the only independent, comprehensive news and research service in the world specialising in Tibet. TIN monitors and reports on the political, social, economic, enviro...
Tibetan and Himalayan Library
The Tibetan and Himalayan Library is a large-scale international collaboration between various universities and other organizations around the world devoted to Tibetan and Himalayan Studies. It archiv...
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