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An Early Tibetan Ritual: rkyal 'bud
The article outlines the procedure of an early Tibetan ritual which used a kyelbü (small bag or pouch). Because Buddhism prohibits animal and human sacrifice, the kyelbü becomes the object ...
On the Origin of the Tsha-gsur Ceremony
The article investigates the contested origin of of the Tsasur (tsha gsur) ceremony. The ceremonies are dedicated to local deities, demons, and low-ranking spirits. Although they are modeled on...
The Mandala of Sound: Concepts and Sound Structures in Tibetan Ritual Music
A study of Tibetan Buddhist ritual music, discussing its roots in Indian Buddhism, and its function in modern monastic communities. The disseration also discusses the formal aspects of monastic music,...
The Transformation of the Monastic Ordination (pravrajya) Into a Rite of Passage in Newar Buddhism
Description to be added.
Words and Deeds: Hindu and Buddhist Rituals in South Asia
Publisher's Description: Words and Deeds is a collection of articles on rituals in South Asia with a special focus on their texts and context. The volume presupposes that a comprehensive defini...

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