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A Bon-po Death Ceremony
This article gives the background of the Bönpo death ceremony, as well giving a detailed description of the ritual and events involved in the ceremony. (Mark Premo-Hopkins 2004-01-16)
An Early Tibetan Ritual: rkyal 'bud
The article outlines the procedure of an early Tibetan ritual which used a kyelbü (small bag or pouch). Because Buddhism prohibits animal and human sacrifice, the kyelbü becomes the object ...
Aspects of Ceremonial Behavior in Bon-po Monastic Life
This article looks at aspects of protocol and ceremonial behavior that regulate Bönpo monastic life and which are clearly different than liturgy itself. (Mark Premo-Hopkins 2004-02-24)
His Holiness the Dalai Lama visits Vancouver : ideas, community, spirituality & music
Audio and video files of public talks, teachings, and other events of the Dalai Lama's visit to Vancouver, April 18-20, 2004. (Steven Weinberger 2004-05-10)
Major Tibetan Life Cycle Events – Birth and Marriage Ceremonies
Description to be added.
On the Origin and the Significance of the Prayer Wheel According to Two Nineteenth-Century Tibetan Literary Sources
While Tibetan sources on the subject are rare, this article looks at two short Tibetan pieces which give accounts of the origin and use of the prayer wheel. The first work, which was written by Gungta...
On the Origin of the Tsha-gsur Ceremony
The article investigates the contested origin of of the Tsasur (tsha gsur) ceremony. The ceremonies are dedicated to local deities, demons, and low-ranking spirits. Although they are modeled on...
On translating oral traditions: ceremonial wedding poetry from Dingri
This text deals with the difficulties of interpreting and translating Tibetan ceremonial wedding poetry (molla). Aziz deals with the tension and complications that develop from translating the writte...
Origins of the Bumchu (bum chu) of Drakar Tashiding (brag dkar bkra shis sdings)
This article traces the history of the Bumchu (bum chu, water vase) which is kept at Tashiding (bkra shis sdings) monastery in Sikkim. The vase is said to have been used by Padmasambhava...
Rituals of Bhutanese House Construction
This text attempts to describe and explain the religious rituals incorporated in the course of house construction in Bhutan. This paper provides the first description of these rituals in any foreign ...
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