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Early Temples of Central Tibet
This book studies five Tibetan temples that exemplify architectural and artistic styles from five periods, spanning the eighth through fifteenth centuries. The art-historical perspective is supported ...
Records of Tho-ling : A Literary and Visual Reconstruction of the “Mother” Monastery in Gu-ge
In two parts, this book surveys the history and buildings of Toling (tho ling) Monastery. Part One focuses on literary sources for Toling's history. Part Two utilizes literary, oral, and photographic ...
spo bo'i lo rgyus
Powo (spo bo) is one of the three main regions in Southeastern Tibet, along with Kongpo (kong po) and Dakpo (dwags po). It was settled by the son of Drigum Tsenpo (dri gum btsan po; seventh century), ...
The Jehol Temples and Their Tibetan Models
The text looks at Jehol temples, and at the influence that Tibetan architecture had on their construction. Rather than any structural influence, the text seems to advocate that the temples were built...

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