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Bhutan, fortress of the gods
Online catalog of a recent exhibit on Bhutanese culture and religion. The website contains many didactic and interactive pages that offer insight into Himalayan Buddhism. It contains a fair amount of ...
Bonpo media archive project
The purpose of the Tibetan Bönpo Media Archive Project is to develop a methodology for media professionals to work with indigenous people, at their request, allowing them to electronically preserve t...
Himalayan Art Resources
Himalayan Art Resources is the largest Web resource in the world for Tibetan art work with a huge archive of high quality digital reproductions of Tibetan, Nepalese, Bhutanese and other forms of Himal...
Lost Treasures of Tibet (in Mustang)
Multifaceted companion website to the NOVA episode "Lost Treasures of Tibet," which was filmed in Mustang (Nepal) and first broadcast in 2003. Contents include slideshows, 360-degree virtual reality p...
Ngag Mang Institute for Tantric Studies
The Ngag Mang Institute for the preservation, promotion, and study of lay tantric traditions is an exciting educational institute based in Amdo (Xining, Qinghai Province). (Jann Ronis 2003-11-10)
Nyingma Kathog Buddhist Center of Singapore
Homepage of a Tibetan Buddhist temple in Singapore with very close ties to its parent temple in Eastern Tibet, the 800 year-old Kathog Monastery. Tibetan lamas have been very successful in evangelizin...
Photo Gallery of Nyingma Lamas
The photo gallery index to the homepage of the Aroter Community. Contains many photographs of famous and anonymous lamas from the first half of the twentieth century that are of great historical value...
Photographs of Bhutan by Francoise Pommaret
Photographs of temple artwork in Bhutan by scholar Francoise Pommaret.
Photos of Tibet in the early1940's
A collection of over 230 photographs taken in Tibet by members of the Tolstoy expedition of 1942-43. Some of the photographs are of considerable historic interest and others capture classic scenes of...
Shechen Monastery and the Dilgo Khyentse Fellowship
Umbrella homepage for the numerous activities and resource collections supported by Shechen Monastery and the Dilgo Khyentse Fellowship. Of special note are the lamas' biographies and profiles Shechen...
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