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Art of Tibet
This fully illustrated book is a general introduction to the art of Tibet. It begins with a descriptions of the main figures portrayed in Tibetan art, from the Buddha to various protector deities. Thi...
Bhutan, fortress of the gods
Online catalog of a recent exhibit on Bhutanese culture and religion. The website contains many didactic and interactive pages that offer insight into Himalayan Buddhism. It contains a fair amount of ...
Casting of Devotional Images in the Himalayas: History, Tradition and Modern Techniques
Description to be added.
Mechak Gallery of Contemporary Tibetan Art
A Tibetan artist run site that showcases contemporary works created by Tibetan artists from around the world. Mechak will also work towards organizing gatherings of Tibetan artists to facilitate the e...
Nitartha International
Nitartha international was established to help preserve the rare texts and art of Asia, with a primary focus on Tibet. Their main work is the preservation and reproduction of the endangered texts of t...
Some Tibetan Medical Tankas
Description to be added.
Statuary Metals in Tibet and the Himalayas: History, Tradition and Modern Use
Description to be added.
The art of Tibet applique thangkha
This is the site of Pasang and other Tibetan artists in Kathmandu, Nepal who make large-size traditional Tibetan appliqué tangkas (Tib. thang ka). The site includes pages on the history ...
The Ligmincha Collection of Bon Religious Art
Sacred art works of the Bon Religion, comprised of paintings, sculpture and murals, are located in various monasteries in Eastern Tibet (Kham) and at the Bonpo Monastic Center, Dolanji, HP, India. ...
The Monastery Arts and Crafts of Sikkim
Description to be added.
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