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Anthropology of Religion: A Handbook
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Belief in Karma and Its Social Ramifications in Saṁsāra
The article looks at the relationship between the Buddhist theory of karma-and-rebirth and saṁsāra (i.e. life as it is lived ordinarily). While some work has been done to look at the relationship...
Center for research on Tibet
The Center for Research on Tibet at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) was founded in 1987. Its stated goal is to conceptualize and conduct research on Tibetan history, society, language, ecology/...
Digital Himalaya
A pilot project to develop digital collection, storage, and distribution strategies for multimedia anthropological information from the Himalayan region. At present this website contains samples of fi...
Early Buddhism in Tibet: Some Anthropological Perspectives
The article classifies two complementary orientations in early Buddhism. The first, labeled as shamanic, is characteristic of small-scale preliterate societies and is aimed at attaining Buddha...
Geoffrey Samuel's homepage
Homepage of the highly influential anthropologist of Tibetan religion and society.
The Education of Young Tibetans in India: Cultural Preservation or Agent for Change?
The text describes and comments on findings of an on-site anthropological study undertaken at a Tibetan residential school in northern India. (Mark Premo-Hopkins 2004-02-03)
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Themes in Himalayan languages and lingusitics
24 articles by scholars from nine different countries on languages spoken in the Himalayan regions of Nepal, India, Tibet and China. (Mark Turin 2004-03-23)
Tibetan and Himalayan Library
The Tibetan and Himalayan Library is a large-scale international collaboration between various universities and other organizations around the world devoted to Tibetan and Himalayan Studies. It archiv...

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