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Cornell's Nepal Study Program
The Cornell-Nepal Study Program is a pioneering joint venture between Cornell University and Tribhuvan National University of Nepal initiated in 1993. Courses are taught in English at the program faci...
Language and Study Abroad Programs
This site, part of the Tibetan & Himalayan Library, provides information on and links to Nepali and Tibetan language and cultural study programs in the US and Tibet, as well as a study program at Tibe...
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The Shedra Studies Program of the Rangjung Yeshe Institute
Arguably the largest and best organized program in Asia for training non-Tibetans in Tibetan Buddhism and language. The Shedra is a multi-year residential program at the Ka-Nying She-drup Ling Monaste...
U-W College Year in Nepal
The premiere undergraduate study abroad program for the Tibetan and Nepali languages. The one calendar year-long program begins in Madison with a 10-week summer language intensive in either Tibetan or...

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