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Cornell's Nepal Study Program
The Cornell-Nepal Study Program is a pioneering joint venture between Cornell University and Tribhuvan National University of Nepal initiated in 1993. Courses are taught in English at the program faci...
Laboratoire Himalaya du CNRS
Homepage of the Laboratoire Himalaya of the CNRS. Contains a strong links page, especially for news sources that cover the region. See this site for announcements about up-coming academic conferences ...
Ngag Mang Institute for Tantric Studies
The Ngag Mang Institute for the preservation, promotion, and study of lay tantric traditions is an exciting educational institute based in Amdo (Xining, Qinghai Province). (Jann Ronis 2003-11-10)
The Institute for the Cultural and Intellectual History of Asia at the Austrian Academy of Sciences
The Institute for the Cultural and Intellectual History of Asia of the Austrian Academy of Sciences is dedicated to the investigation of Asian cultures. Research activities have various focal points, ...

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