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Imagining Tibet: Perceptions, Projections and Fantasies
In the past century, the Western view of Tibet has evolved from an exotic Shangri-la filled with golden idols and the promise of immortality, to a peaceful land with an enlightened society now ravaged...
In the Image of Tibet: Tibetan Painting after 1959
Description to be added.
Keeping Refugee Status: A Tibetan Perspective
Description to be added.
Making and Remaking Tibetan Diasporic Identities
The fifty-year long Chinese occupation of Tibet has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands and has produced a refugee flow that continues today. Although the plight of Tibetans commands inter...
Mobilizing for Tibet: Transnational Politics and Diaspora Culture in the Post-Cold War Era
This dissertation is a multiple-site study of the Tibet Movement, a transnational social movement comprised of Tibetan refugees and their Western supporters. It is based on field research conducted in...
Mystical Visions in Manhattan: Deploying Culture in the Year of Tibet
Description to be added.
North American Tibetan Community Cultural Needs Assessment Project: Findings and Recommendations
A detailed examination of the state of Tibetan culture in North America.
Shangri-la in Exile: Representations of Tibetan Identity and Transnational Culture
Description to be added.
Stateless Citizens: Culture, Nation and Identity in the Expanding Tibetan Diaspora
Dissertation Abstract: The Tibetan diaspora has expanded dramatically in North America since the passage of the 1990 Immigration Act. The act included legislation that allowed 1,000 Tibetans li...
Struggling in Shangri-la: A Tibetan Artist in Exile
Description to be added.
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