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Dualism in Tibetan Cosmogonic Myths and the Question of Iranian Influence
Description to be added.
Illusion Web: Locating the Guhyagarbha Tantra in Buddhist Intellectual History
Description to be added.
Notes on Csoma de Kőrös's Translation of a Tibetan Passport
Description to be added.
Researches on Poison, Garuḍa-Birds, and Nāga-Serpents Based on the Sgrub thabs kun btus
Description to be added.
Silver on Lapis: Tibetan Literary Culture and History
The papers in this volume were originally presented at the conference "Beginning a Third Century of Tibetan Studies," which was held at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, April 17-19, 1984. T...
Some Notes on the Early 'Bri-gung-pa Sgom-pa
Description to be added.
Text Structure and Rule Ordering in the First Tibetan Grammatical Treatise
Description to be added.
The Development of the Human Embryo According to Tibetan Medicine: The Treatise Written for Alexander Csoma de Kőrös by Sangs-rgyas Phun-tshogs
Description to be added.
The Dynasty of Bzang-la (Zangskar, West-Tibet) and Its Chronology: A Reconsideration
Description to be added.
The Tibetans in the Ordos and North China: Considerations on the Role of the Tibetan Empire in World History
Description to be added.
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