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Paramārtha as an Object of Cognition -- Paryāya- and Aparyāya-paramārtha in Svātantrika-madhyamaka
This article outlines philosophical issues surrounding the concept of paramārtha (ultimate reality) and how this reality is to be cognized. (Mark Premo-Hopkins 2004-07-12)
Thog-lčags of Tibet
This article looks at this history of thog-lčags, which are artifacts that relate to early Tibetan metal working, and the fact that excavation of these important artifacts is currently hindere...
A Bibliography of Tibetan Historical Works at the University of Washington
This article looks at the Special Foreign Currency Program, a program which brought Tibetan books to the libraries of a number of U.S. institutions. Schoening then moves on to discuss the need for a ...
A Bonpo bča'-yig: The Rules of sMan-ri Monastery
The article looks at the sole surviving bča'-yig of the Bnpo (bon po) tradition. This document is a list of rules which is ceremoniously read out to the full assembly of a monastery's monks ...
A New Chronological Table of the Bon Religion: The bstan-rcis of Hor-bcun bsTan-'jin-blo-gros (1888-1975)
The article is a summary of the tentsi (bstan rtsis) or "chronology of the teachings" written by the Bnpo scholar Per Kværne.
A Quantitative Study of the Preservation in Modern Tibetan of Ancient Tibetan Final Stop *-k
This article looks at the evolution and transformation of the Tibetan language. More specifically, the work focuses on the historical change of the final consonant stop *-k. (Mark Premo-Hopkins 2004...
A Short Introductory Note on Porcelain Cups of Tibet
The article looks at the history and significance of porcelain cups in Tibetan society. These cups are the most popular among all table-ware and not having one is considered inauspicious. (Mark Prem...
A Tibetan Index to the Pentaglot Dictionary from the Qing Dynasty
This article contains a Tibetan index to the Pentaglot Dictionary, as well some of the historical background surrounding different translations of the text from the Qing dynasty. (Mark Premo-Hopkins ...
Die Astronomie im Kālacakralaghutantra
This article looks at the astrological elements of the kālacakra (wheel of time) concepts in Buddhism. (Mark Premo-Hopkins 2004-05-06)
Die metrischen Berichte über die Grabmäler der tibetischen Könige. Ihre Überlieferung und ihr Beitrag zur Identifizierung
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