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'Lama to the King of Hsia'
This article explores the relationship between the Tangut court and Tibetan lamas, particularly those of various Kagyü (bka' brgyud) orders. Toward the end of the Tangut Empire's existence, Ti...
An Analysis of Sino-Tibetan Relationships, 1245-1911: Imperial Power, Non-coercive Regime and Military Dependency
The article attempts to recharacterize the ideas of the Sino-Tibetan relationship. Recognizing the patron-priest paradigm as unsatisfactory, Dawa Norbu investigates how this classification requires a...
Glosses on the Oeuvre of Bla-ma 'Phags-pa: III the "Patron - Patronized" Relationship
The article mentions the works of Pakpa that relate to the patron-patronized relationship between the Tibetans and the Mongol empire. The selected works are divided into three categories: those relat...
Manchu Patronage and Tibetan Buddhism During the First Half of the Ch'ing Dynasty
In this article Grupper argues that the monarchs of the nascent Manchu Ch'ing dynasty, particularly Nurhaci and Abahai, involved themselves with Tibetan Buddhist lamas not only as a means for winning ...
Tibetan Sciences at the Court of the Great Khans
Beckwith demonstrates in this article that the Mongol rulers favored Tibetan lamas at their courts because of their skill in the fields of medicine, astrology, and letters. The willingness and ability...

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