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Ñag-roṅ mgon-po rnam-rgyal: A 19th Century Khams-pa Warrior
This article outlines biographical information on Nyarong Gönpo Namgyel and his military conquests. Tsering blames the Tibetan government for the death of Gönpo Namgyel and argues that his death de...
An Analysis of Sino-Tibetan Relationships, 1245-1911: Imperial Power, Non-coercive Regime and Military Dependency
The article attempts to recharacterize the ideas of the Sino-Tibetan relationship. Recognizing the patron-priest paradigm as unsatisfactory, Dawa Norbu investigates how this classification requires a...
Manchu Patronage and Tibetan Buddhism During the First Half of the Ch'ing Dynasty
In this article Grupper argues that the monarchs of the nascent Manchu Ch'ing dynasty, particularly Nurhaci and Abahai, involved themselves with Tibetan Buddhist lamas not only as a means for winning ...
The 1413 Ming Embassy to Tsong-kha-pa and the Arrival of Byams-chen Chos-rje Shākya Ye-shes at the Ming Court
This brief article traces a Ming mission to Tibet and Nepal in 1413 by looking at several primary sources. During the mission, the envoy, Hou Hsien, had audience with Tsongkhapa (tsong kha pa), in res...
Whose Game? Records of the India Office Concerning Events Leading up to the Simla Conference
This article analyzes the documents regarding the relationship between Great Britain, China, and Tibet. Looking at docments from the political and secret files of the India Office, the article traces...

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